Reasoning from the Scriptures with Catholics by Ron Rhodes

Reasoning from the Scriptures with Catholics

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Reasoning from the Scriptures with Catholics Ron Rhodes ebook
Publisher: Harvest House Publishers
Page: 360
ISBN: 9780736902083
Format: pdf

Next week we're going to look at some key facets of Roman Catholic theology and practice and examine how they corrupt and contradict the teaching of Scripture. While the vast majority of discussion surrounding Pope Benedict XVI's historic voluntary exit from the Catholic Church has focused upon his next steps, some critics have spent their time pushing for the faith leader to be put on trial following his departure. The reasoning you provide here is usually consider the wrong "reasons" for leaving one evangelical church or another, let alone the Catholic church for a Protestant church. There is a significant difference between Catholic and Protestant Bibles. With Benedict preparing That said, it is extremely difficult (impossible, actually) to determine what an individual knew or thought and when that knowledge or chain of reasoning came to be. How was someone supposed to know the truth. Catholic Bibles contain seven more books than Protestant Bibles do. Rather than listening to Catholic reasoning or Protestant reasoning, why don't we look at what the apostles said about the truth. The Canon of Scripture By: Sebastian R. Prepared to defend and explain the true gospel of Jesus Christ.

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